Multistage Centrifugal Blower Performer Series

Multistage Centrifugal Blower

 Performer series 

Hibon Ingersoll Rand presents new state-of-the-art technology in Multistage Centrifugal Blowers. This model offers a wide range of design features and incorporates energy efficiency improvements, complying with the strictest operational requirements for a variety of applications.

Multistage blowers are ideally suited for operations where a variable flow at constant pressure is required. The rugged and reliable Hibon Performer Series (models 60,100, 200, 350, 450) provides a wide range of efficient low presssure solutions for the most critical applications.

 Offering state-of-the-art impeller, seal and oiler design, Hibon leads the industry in efficiency and mainteance free operation.


Impeller Seal Assembly and Internal Features

▪️ Radial labyrinth on impellers and labyrinth seal on interstage spacers
▪️ Minimises leakage between stages
▪️ Optimized profile stainless steel baffle
▪️ Optional internal baffle material and internal surface coating and plating available



▪️Manufactured with precise internal clearances for maintenance free operation. Offer spark free operation while providing some of the ­highest efficiencies in the industry.
▪️Inboard and outboard bearing housings are manufactured­ from cast iron. They are precision machined to ensure ­parallel alignment to the casing and offer a unique ­one-piece design with a labyrinth seal to eliminate oil leaks­ and pressure build up sometimes found in ­multi-component housings. Protruding mounting block for optional vibration transducers simplify mounting and vibration monitoring. Bearings can be changed onsite without blower tear down.
▪️Single carbon ring seals reduce air leakage. Double carbon ring seals with purge available upon request for special ­applications.
▪️Constant Level Oiler with easy to read sight glass. Oil housing is cast aluminum for optimal heat dissipation with large oil sump.
▪️Shaft is SAE 1045 (XC 38) steel.
▪️Blower inlet / outlet heads and intermediate ­sections are fabricated from close grained cast iron ASTM A 48 class 30B (FGL 200) for superior strength.
▪️Compressed discharge air or gas is guaranteed 100% oil free.Engineering expertise and ­quality manufacturing ensure the ­pressure and volume required for every critical application.
▪️High efficiency large turning radius of interstage channel minimizes friction and ensures maximum efficiency.
▪️Type C3 Ball Bearings are ­designed for 100,000 hours of trouble free ­operation (AFBMA B-10). Bearings are oil bath lubricated by means of an integral constant level oiler for long service life.
▪️Optional shaft mounted cooling fan for high temperature applications.
▪️Impellers are cast aluminum alloy with profiles that are computer designed and modeled for ­maximum ­aerodynamic efficiency. They are individually ­dynamically balanced and ­the complete rotor assembly is dynamically­ balanced for vibration free operation.
▪️Minimal bearing span to reduce vibration.