2021-03-07 2:37 PM
How Does An Air Compressor Work

How does an air compressor work


The working principle of the air compressor

It is a mechanical device that contains pistons and valves, through which it works to collect and compress air inside a tank to a certain extent, and the mechanism of air pressure is by reducing its volume.


The principle of its operation is similar to the operation of pumps in that both are able to increase the pressure of the fluid and transfer it through pipes, but in compressors, gases compress and their volume decreases, while in pumps, liquids are incompressible materials that maintain their volume, and the pressure produces a force that works to transfer the liquid from place to place Another is the principle of operation of liquid pumps.


Vehicle air compressors are combustion engine compressors, which depend on the regular movement of the piston up and down through which the air enters and is compressed inside the tank, and some types depend on membranes to draw and compress the air and prevent it from returning to the back and out of the tank during the collection process. The compressor industry has evolved in our era and today the compressor is capable of storing gas at tremendous pressure to be ready for industrial use.


Air compressor capacity

The air compressor capacity is determined by determining the amount of air that can enter the tank with the ability to compress it to a certain extent, and the pressure is usually 690 kPa at a temperature of 20 ° C and the humidity is 38%, and the compressor capacity is measured in units of m3 / hour, and is usually done Include the compressor's capacity.


The number of devices that can be operated using the compressor depends on the volume of gas that each device needs. It is not possible to operate a number of devices together that require a volume of gas greater than the capacity of the compressor, and if a large number of devices are operated that exceed the capacity of the compressor, this will cause damage.


Types of air compressors

Dynamic Compressor : ( center compressors - axial compressors )
positive displacement compressor : ( Reciprocating Compressor - rotary compressor )